Our Story

The ladies behind
the brand


As two creatives with an eye for detail and a passion for design, Lara and Chan knew they would always find an avenue to pursue their love for turning “Ordinary” into “Extraordinary”. After many late nights and post gym coffee sessions, Leopard Moon Bespoke Design was forged.


Behind the name


Both Leopard and Moon portray strength, intuition, rare beauty and authenticity. Leopard Moon represents a dynamic, bespoke and innovative brand.

About Leopard Moon


Discover unique, eternal and refreshing ideas with our one of a kind collections. Leopard Moon provides a styled decor solution by bringing objects together in a unique and inspired narrative. Each story is produced in limited editions. This ensures our client a distinctive, and extraordinary space.

The Bespoke Collections give our clients the ability to instantly redecorate their spaces in one click. Our Signature Ranges are products which we offer as stand alone purchases these are designed to inspire you to reimagine your space.